Gouveia Vineyards CT.

Wine, good company and some pretty scenery, the perfect way to end the summer vacation, right? Right. I was so lucky last weekend that, while I stayed at my friend Kaeli’s place, her mum decided to take us both across the border of Massachusetts to Connecticut to Gouveia Vineyards where we sat and drank wine and talked about almost everything for hours on end. 

It’s been a while since I’ve been to any kind of vineyard – I can remember Dad dragging us round them on family vacations and me getting bored (as a 12 year old, I didn’t care about wine..!), but Gouveia certainly didn’t disappoint. Situated at the top of some rolling hills – for almost as far as the eye can see – the lawns make the perfect backdrop for some serious chill time. It’s so stunning that I watched a newly married couple turn up and have some of their wedding photos taken by the little pond. Topped off with some fairly in-expensive, but damn good, wine, a beautiful sunset – well, it was a good 3 hours!

I’m so pleased that I could spend the final weekend of summer with Kaeli and her mum (mom?). In fact, we’re already attempting to figure out when we can go back – is this weekend too soon..?!


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