September via Instagram.

Ok, but how is September almost over? Holy heck. This month has been kind of strange. Summer ended pretty abruptly, and then fall just hit us out of nowhere. Leaves are changing, state fairs have been visited, hamsters have been bought. I’m sitting down to write this with probably the best fall drink – a cozy hot chocolate. I’m actually doing some recipe-testing with hot chocolate, so maybe a post on that will appear here soon! 

I thought that, to see us into the month of October, I’d do a little round up of my Instagram posts from this month. I’ve been doing this for the past few months and it seems to go down fairly well with you all! There are 10 posts ranging from concerts to street art, and from hamsters to appreciation posts. 

I love doing these little rounds ups of my Instagram account – if you’re not already following me, why not check out my personal account (@kathryn_firth) and the one for this blog (@kathryn_blogs). Do you have a favorite photo? Let me know below! 


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