Spring Favorites

As we prepare to head into the month of June (JUNE?!), I thought I’d do a little round-up of my favorite things that the months of March, April, and May have had to offer. Grab a cuppa, a biccie or three, and get comfy…it’s a long’un.ย 

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Bridal Shower Vibes

If you follow me on Instagram (@bloggingkat), you’ll know thatย on Sunday I trekked up to the Cape for the day for my friend’s bridal shower. While I, unfortunately, don’t have any photos of the actual day itself to show you all, I thought I’d share what I wore – both clothing and makeup.ย 

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Yankee Candle Haul

Last weekend, after graduation and commencement on Friday, I took my parents to one of the two Yankee Candle headquarters in America. Luckily, I only live about 10 minutes away from Deerfield, so it’s a trip that I’m able to make quite often! My parents treated me to a few candles, so I thought I’d […]

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I cannot believe that just two years ago I graduated from my undergraduate, and that on Friday, I received my Master’s degree from UMass!ย 

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Currently on my wish-list…

Though I like to think of myself as being fairly un-materialistic, I desperately need some new clothes. In my de-cluttering phase, I chucked a solid 2/3rds of my closet (if not slightly more..) and so I am living off the same pair of jeans, shorts, and the same 5 tops. I’ve been eyeing up a […]

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